• Our Vision

    Cerora is devoted to alleviating suffering and empowering decisions by transforming antiquated “soft sign” methods into objective biosensor based neurodiagnostics.

    Our Mission

    To make a major positive impact in brain health assessment globally with an initial focus on concussion and traumatic brain injury.
  • What We Do

    For clinicians who are diagnosing concussions, Cerora’s Borealis™ solution empowers better decisions with objective biosensor data, improves outcomes, and saves money.

    Unlike subjective approaches, our solution uses more than one data source and a challenge paradigm to increase diagnostic accuracy in real-time.

  • Adam J. Simon

    Adam J. Simon

    Founder and CEO
  • David M. Devilbiss

    David M. Devilbiss, Ph.D.

    Co-Founder and CTO
  • Gary S. Kath

    Gary S. Kath

    Head of Engineering
  • Gloria M. Ferko

    Gloria M. Ferko

    Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs