Rapid COVID Diagnostics

Our Vision

At Covonix, we believe that objective COVID-19 diagnostics should be rapid, accurate, and available at the point of care to open the economy around the world. We are on a mission to make a major positive impact in coronavirus diagnostics with an initial focus on return-to-work and fueling an economic recovery before antivirals and vaccines are likely available.

  • Adam Simon, Covonix CEO, narrates an animation explaining how the Covonix Lumivar point of care COVID-19 diagnostic works.

  • What We Do

    For clinicians, employers, employees and loved ones who are interested to diagnose a coronavirus infection, Covonix’s Lumivir™ solution empowers better decisions with objective biosensor data, leading to improved outcomes while saving money.

    Unlike molecular and serologic tests which take hours to days for results, our solution uses more than one data source and a novel portable luminometer with saliva sampling to increase diagnostic accuracy in a few minutes.

Think Objectively


Everyone is being affected by the Rest-In-Place orders

Every week the U.S. emergency rooms are filled with COVID-19 patients. Even more go undiagnosed or do not touch the U.S. healthcare system. To date, molecular testing which detects the RNA of the coronavirus, takes expensive equipment, sophisticated labs and days to get results. It won’t scale easily to 10M or 20M tests a day for the US alone, lest on consider the rest of the world. serological tests indicate the presence or absence of COVID-19 antibodies, but the scientific community does not even know what protective immunity looks like. None of the EUA serological kits test for neutralizing antibodies, those that confer protection. No one has established a cell mediated immune response assay to look for cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. To get back to work, we need a rapid (few minutes), inexpensive, less than $200 instrument with $3 per test cost, scalable solution that is easy to use and can be operated at the entrance to every factory, building, school, restaurant or other indoor or outdoor venue. No objective, portable, accurate and affordable diagnostic tool exists to assess COVID-19 infection. The challenge is to identify those with abnormal measurements to be sent on for confirmatory molecular testing.

At Covonix, we are developing novel approaches to COVID diagnostics (COVIDx) to aid in the identification and management of coronavirus infection and COVID-19 disease. We want to help everyone safely return to activity after the rest-in-place orders are lifted to renew life in the post COVID world.


Our Products

Covonix is developing cutting-edge COVID infectivity assessment technology

Designed and engineered by world experts in assay development and biophysics, Covonix Lumivir™ will change the paradigm of COVID infectivity assessments.


Our Team

Covonix has teamed up with leading institutions

Join Us

  • Adam J. Simon
  • David M. Devilbiss
  • Gary S. Kath
  • Gloria M. Ferko
  • Paul Martino
  • Kevin Harter
  • Hashem Ashrafiuon, PhD
  • Kaj Blennow, MD, PhD
  • Sam Gandy, MD, PhD
  • Stephen J. Martino, MD

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