CEO Adam Simon demonstrates the Lumivir luminometer prototype.

Our product philosophy is to provide inexpensive, scalable, easy-to-use, portable, turn-key solutions to aid in the diagnosis and management of coronavirus infection and COVID-19 disease. Covonix is building a novel healthcare platform to integrate collections of several relevant biosensors to provide a multimodal signature of possible coronavirus infectivity.

Covonix Lumivir™ (Available 2H 2020)

The Covonix Lumivir&trade medical device platform is subject to FDA EUA review for authorization and is designed to measure and record contactless forehead core temperature, middle finger pulse oximetry, respiratory spirometry, and enhanced enzyme activity from a saliva sample. The platform provides state of the art, mobile and versatile multimodal biosensor data. The first release is intended as an diagnostic tool after a self-report symptom screener and before expensive molecular or serolgoical testing. Cerora’s next generation test are intended to directly detect coronavirus antigen and thus aid in the diagnosis and management of CCOVID-19 disease.

The first release of Lumivir is estimated to ship into US markets in second half of 2020.